With so many cannabis strains to choose from it is often the taste and aroma that draws people in. While some aromas can be rather pungent to some people, there are those that are very fragrant and more pleasing to the senses.


Here is our list of the five best smelling strains of cannabis

  1. Kepler 22B Kush: Kepler 22B Kush is available exclusively at Green Dragon Colorado locations. The Sativa dominant Kush is among the top five strongest Kushes available. The aroma of this hybrid is reminiscent of a holiday dinner with a lingering atmosphere of dank. Kepler 22B Kush is the complete package with a taste that is unbelievably good. High Times featured Kepler 22B as one of its strongest strains of all time.

  1. Death Star: Another High Times ranker, Death Star is a hybrid of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel. At Green Dragon Colorado, we like to say you “can’t repel dank of that magnitude!” Death Star has a strong aroma which is predominantly earthy with undertones of sweet fuel. The strain has a strong relaxing quality. The slow onset followed by a potent high is what sets Death Star apart from other strains.

  1. Cripple Creek Kush: The relaxed euphoria brought about by Cripple Creek Kush comes from its Chemdawg and OG Kush parentage. The aroma is earthy but sweet with definite undertones of spice and fresh pine. If you want to be both relaxed and energized, Cripple Creek Kush is your strain. Cripple Creek Kush is also known to have pain relieving qualities.

  1. G13: This strong Indica strain boasts a dominating lemon-citrus smell with floral and earthy undertones. G13 leaves you feeling relaxed and happy with a desire to socialize. Its clear-headed effect makes it a favorite for daytime use for many people.


  1. Alpha Blue: The Sativa love child of Blue Dream and NYC Diesel, Alpha Blue has a sweet aroma. Fragrances reminiscent of blueberry and sour candy with an earthy undertone are characteristic of Alpha Blue. The smoke can uplift and calm you while keeping you awake and alert. Alpha Blue is great for the treatment of stress and anxiety. This strain is also known for its ability to help you stay focused and increase your creativity.

These five strains of cannabis have the most fragrant combinations of aromas of all. You can experience these stimulating aromas at Green Dragon Colorado locations, all across the state, at our interactive bud bars.

At Green Dragon Colorado, we guarantee you the best quality product which has been carefully selected based on all of its features. Our products have some of the most delightful aroma profiles available. Whether you prefer fruity, floral or earthy aromas, we have something for everyone. Take a look at our online catalog of buds and flower to choose a strain that appeals to you.