Nobody ever said that children are the only ones who get to have fun on Halloween. In fact, this might be the perfect occasion to host a grown-up Hallo-Weed party, complete with weed-themed costumes and THC-induced foods.

Weed-Themed Costumes

It should be obvious that your Halloween party requires attendees to wear a costume, but you can put a new spin on it by making the costumes weed-themed. The great thing about a weed party is that nobody has to put forth more effort than they want to as there are some very simple ideas for marijuana costumes. For example, your guests could come as a pothead, which requires no more than putting a pot on the top of your hat. Another rather simple costume idea is to dress up wearing a bag of weed. Couples could dress as Cheech and Chong, the coolest pot smokers ever. Here are additional costume ideas:

  • Medical marijuana nurse
  • Cannabis high fairy
  • THC cheerleader
  • Cannabis chef
  • Bong King
  • Rasta girl or dreadlock hippie
  • Magic brownie baker

Is It Food or Is It Weed?

Your party must include food because smoking pot makes your guests hungry. The good news is that you don’t have to go out of your way to make anything fancy if you don’t want to. To include weed in your food theme, you could make dishes like cannabis-shaped cookies, or you can stick to the classic foods that were inspired by the munchies:

  • PB&J pancake tacos
  • Nutella, banana, and peanuts on pretzel bread
  • Bacon-and-ramen-wrapped hotdog
  • Crescent pepperoni rolls
  • Pizza burger or pizza dog

A great cannabis party also includes some THC-induced foods. But if you decide to serve these types of treats, you need to let your guests know what and how much they’re consuming. You can even add some dope to a beverage, but again, it’s important to label it accordingly.

How Weed Affects the Party Mood

Adding weed to your Halloween party can offer an entirely new experience for you and your guests. When you’re high, your sensations of taste and hearing are much enhanced. This is one reason to have good music and maybe also the reason for some of the odd weed-induced food creations listed above. Smoking weed or ingesting THC-induced foods can also make it feel like time slows down. Smoking weed may even give you some mild hallucinations or visions.

One of the best-known side effects of smoking marijuana is getting the munchies. Smoking weed just makes you hungry, which is why it’s important to stack plenty of regular food items. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if you have a lot of guests, you should have the necessary quantity covered. This might be a great time to get rid of the leftover foods you’ve had lying around.

How to Reduce Negative Side Effects

You may want to have mangos and apricots available because these foods contain chemical compounds that assist THC through the blood-brain barrier. Fats also help with THC absorption, which can be found in nuts and coconut oil. If any of your guests experience cannabis-induced anxiety, you may want to offer Vitamin E or peppers. It’s also a good idea to have a darkened room available where guests can rest and relax and, of course, smoke.

How Soon Do You Get High?

It might be helpful to know when your party guests start to experience the effect of their marijuana consumption. This depends on how cannabis is consumed. If your guests are smoking, vaping, or dapping, then they’ll feel the effects within 15 minutes, and the overall experience will last about 2 to 3 hours. If your guests are eating your cannabis cookies instead, then they may not feel anything for 2 hours, but their high can last 4 to 6 hours.

Cannabis is also available in different strains at dispensaries in Aurora. For a successful weed party, you should include different strains of cannabis, including indicas, sativas, and hybrids. You’ll also need to provide the tools through which to smoke them, including pipes, bongs, and rigs.

It’s Time to Have Fun

Of course, your guests are there to smoke marijuana, but you’ll also want to prepare other activities for them to do. Most pot smokers are creative types, so allowing them to do a puzzle or artwork will probably be a big hit. You can also encourage them to bring a musical instrument because music is a great icebreaker for the guests who don’t already know each other. Here are some final do’s and don’ts to ensure that your weed-themed Halloween party is a hit:

DO offer a dark room where guests who have overindulged can relax peacefully.

DON’T make cannabis available to anyone under the age of 21. If minors are present, cannabis needs to be in a separate, locked room.

DO play soothing music to make your guests feel comfortable.

DON’T mix in alcohol this evening, because it dulls the senses. Serve sparkling soda, water, and coffee instead.

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