What is “Date Your Mate” Month?

Finding and nurturing a relationship is perhaps one of the most difficult and joyous occasions life has to offer. But with work and family obligations getting in the way, it can be difficult to keep those romantic flames burning. Which is why it is essential for couples to continuously make time for each other.

May is “ Date Your Mate’ month. Think of it like a month long Valentine’s day for your loved ones that you have already made a commitment to. Green Dragon Colorado wants to help you celebrate your love…with your love. While chocolates and flowers are some of the most traditional ways couples show their appreciation for each other, they can also come off a bit stale. Instead of giving your beloved a bouquet of roses, why not try gifting a different kind of flower. Add a little cannabis to your celebration and watch your romance soar. Here are a few ways you and your life partner can reignite your passions for one another while enjoying cannabis all month long!

Adding a little cannabis to you romance


  1. Edible gifts: Green Dragon Colorado has a great selection of edibles that you can gift your loved one this Date Your Mate Month. Our Blue Kudu Bon Bons come in a 10-pack, 5 caramel with dark chocolate and 5 peanut butter with milk chocolate. If chocolates aren’t you style, we have punch, baked goodies, mints, and whole hosts of other confections that you and your mate can dig in together.


  1. Relaxing massages: What better way to set the mood than to give your sweetheart a relaxing massage? Our Nordic Goddess Cannabis-Infused Body Balm is perfect to help ease the pain of those sore muscles. Maybe you can plan a day where you stay in, relax, and give each other intimate, full body massages.


  1. The Couple That Vapes Together…: Get the pair of you a couple of new vaporizers and have a beautiful bonding session vaping together. Cannabis helps you relax, de-stress, and forget all your worries. Afterall, the couple that vapes together stays together. The Karing Kind line of disposable vape pens are perfect for couple to share.


4.Bud instead of bouquets: If you know that your certain someone is into cannabis, why not buy her some of the best quality buds instead of a bouquet. At Green Dragon Colorado, we have flowers that she is sure to love. Our premium quality bud comes at affordable prices and is a great way to show that you care.


5.Cook a cannabis dinner: Celebrate “Date Your Mate “Month by cooking your special someone a romantic dinner with an all natural, new seasoning, Cannabis! Not sure how to infuse a bit of cannabis into your next meal? For an easy substitute use, cannabutter in any of your favorite recipes. Cannabutter is a keystone ingredient to cooking with cannabis and can be used to infuse anything from cookies and brownies to steaks and potatoes.  We like this recipe from Leafly.com.  


  1. Set the mood: Sharing a hot bath with your lover can be one of the most romantic and sexy ways to unwind from the day. Run a hot bath, for one or two, and add one of our Coda Signature bath bombs before you jump into bed.  The steam from the hot bath is sure to intensify the bath bomb’s aroma, ensuring a night neither of you won’t soon forget.


This month remember to cherish the time you have with your loved one and make the effort to “Date Your Mate” for a healthy relationship that lasts forever. At Green Dragon Colorado, you can find a whole range of cannabis goodies to take your romance to the next level all year long.


Note: Cannabis is also known to increase pleasure sensations, so you have an added bonus right there.