Five strains to consider for your next outdoor adventure.

Spring has finally sprung, and you know what that means? It is time to get out an enjoy the great outdoors. For many Americans, the best way to take advantage of the spring thaw is to go camping. Finding the perfect camping spot can be difficult but, once you find it, it is time to sit back and relax.  One of the best ways to relax on your next camping trip is to bring a little cannabis to the party. Not sure what to bring on your next camping trip? Try one, or all of these!

White Nightmare

Don’t let the name scare you off from getting that cabin in the woods. This Sativa-dominant strain is great for lifting the spirits and relaxing the body.  Perfect for sitting around the campfire and laughing the night away without care like the old summer camp days. Expect a strong, sweet, berry and haze aroma. Taste is characteristic of it’s Blue Dream heritage with a more earthy aftertaste.

Death Star

Whether you are camping out on the forest moon of Endor or in your own backyard, Death Star is an ideal flower for star gazing and pondering the reality of galaxies far far away on a crisp, clear spring or summer night.  With your body relaxed into a heavy-enough high that keeps you grounded as your mind disappears into the night sky, releasing any aches and pains that one may have incurred while hiking and roaming around all day.


This high-CBD strain is absolutely imperative for a day hike around your campsite. It lifts the spirits and brings about a euphoric THC high that gets you up and moving while the CBD takes care of any sore muscles or achy joints that would otherwise put a damper on an impromptu or planned afternoon nature walk. Harlequin has been described as sweet & musky, with an aroma reminiscent of a bowl full of mangoes.

The Black

There’s nothing quite like a heavy Indica at the end of a long day setting up camp and getting the fire going.  With a strong body high, The Black is great for relieving pain and aiding users in falling asleep, regardless how rocky or uneven the ground underneath the tent is. The Black will help you grab some major Z’s on and off the trail.

Purple Nepal

Purple Nepal is perfect for coming back to the campsite after a long day wandering the mountains.  The strain is nice and relaxing without being too heavy, so it is a perfect Indica for the person in charge of the fire all night; they can relax without being so locked into the chair that they can’t get up to add more wood or stoke the fire. You’ll enjoy the earthy and grape taste.

Important Tip- Consuming cannabis on public or government owned lands is NOT permitted by law. So before you partake, be sure to look up the laws in the surrounding areas. Many private landowners do allow visitors to use cannabis on their property but you MUST get explicit permission from the property owner.

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