Cannabis consumption trends change as legalization sweeps the country. While many cannabis users still enjoy the experience of smoking a joint/pre-roll or a bong, many users are turning to cannabis concentrates as an alternative. From wax to live resin, concentrates offer the user a smooth experience and potent high. Wax tends to be a great option for beginners, as it offers a large threshold for experimentation with a lower potency product, and a multitude of consistencies to work with in comparison to its counterparts. Live resin is an ultra-potent concoction, ranging from a sugary consistency to a highly concentrated, diamond packed product that even for a long time user, can render a mixed experience while dabbing the same gram. The type of concentrate you choose depends on your personal preference, but for many, shatter is their concentrate of choice.

What is shatter?

A special kind of extremely potent concentrate, shatter is classified as a hydrocarbon extraction. The name “shatter” refers to the finished result of the extraction process; A hard, translucent and glass-like product that “shatters” when pressure is applied. Good quality shatter has a beautiful translucent appearance and also boasts a golden hue. Shatter often contains up to 80% concentrations of THC.

How is shatter made?

Most cannabis concentrates are essentially made the same way – liquid gas is used to strip plant matter and isolate concentrated cannabinoids, trichomes, and terpenes from the cannabis plant. To make shatter specifically, once the extraction is complete, the remaining mixture is then heated to purge as much liquid gas from it as possible, making it an exceptional product for consumption. The purged mixture then is left to cool and settle into a thin sheet of extract.

Fun Fact: Unlike wax or other types of concentrates, shatter is not agitated during the heating process which is what creates its translucent glass-like appearance.

How to use shatter

Like any of the other types of concentrates, shatter can be consumed in a number of ways. Below are two of the more popular methods of consumption.

Vaporizer Pen: Vaporizers are extremely pocket-friendly and easy-to-use devices which allow shatter to be inhaled with ease. With just a press of a button, the shatter will be heated into a vapor, allowing the user to instantaneously inhale the concentrate. Green Dragon recommends the Pax 3 kit to all our customers looking to invest in a high-quality vaporizer.

Dab Rig: A bong-like device, which uses a long nail and metal dabber to apply and heat the shatter. The process of using a dab rig may seem more complicated, but it offers the biggest and often cleanest hits. The nail, a bowl often made of quartz glass, is heated with a butane torch to perfection, and a metal dabber is used to apply the shatter onto the tip of the nail. As soon as the shatter comes in contact with the heated nail, it vaporizes instantly, allowing you to inhale and consume the product. Many users utilize a carb cap once the shatter is applied to the nail to cool down the vapor, allowing for a smooth and larger volume hit.

Safety Tips To Follow

  • Ask one of Green Dragon’s budtenders for dosing recommendations. We work with concentrates every day and our staff loves to share their knowledge. Generally, a pin sized amount of concentrate is recommended for first-time users.   
  • Use the right tools. Vape pens are great for small to medium doses of shatter. If you’re using a rig and a dabbing kit, choose devices which have broad tips and paddle dabbers which allow you to both scoop and portion the shatter.
  • Find the right torch.
  • Let your nail cool to the right temperature and do not, for any reason, touch the nail after it’s been heated.
  • Purchase a carb cap to cool the vapor and keep your lungs happy.
  • Take it slow! Experimenting with concentrates can be a wonderful new world for cannabis users, so ask questions, do your research, and start with less potent products to gain experience over time.

See what all the rage is about. Come into one of our Green Dragon dispensaries and pick up a gram of shatter today!