Great strides have been made in helping the public recognize the benefits of CBD oil. There is increasing demand for CBD oil across multiple generations, which is promising. However, there are some misconceptions about CBD that need to be cleared up; specifically about how CBD works with THC.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

First, it’s worth going over the reported benefits of CBD on its own. CBD has been reported to help calm the nerves; that is, people suffering from anxiety have been known to get relief from using CBD oil. Some call CBD mood-altering because of this effect, but that’s a little misleading because a mood can go either way. It’s more accurate to say that CBD helps to relieve the stress that anxiety usually produces, helping to make a person feel less nervous or worried. Another commonly reported benefit of using CBD oil is pain relief. No matter where the pain is located on the body, the CBD is reported by many to relief the discomfort. CBD is definitely helpful for all of these issues, and it’s promising that the general public is becoming more aware and is able to use CBD as a resource.

The Misconceptions About CBD Oil and THC

Unfortunately, the misconceptions about CBD oil and THC keep the public from reaping all the possible benefits. CBD is ideal for many people in the way it doesn’t give that “high” that has been vilified for so many years. But the myths about the effectiveness of CBD without THC have prevented people from seeing what’s really possible.

First, CBD oil is commonly accepted and can be used without judgment “out in the open.” The reason for this is because it’s viewed as the “good” cannabinoid that is used for medical reasons; relieving stress, minimizing pain, etc.. Despite the Farm Bill being passed, THC is billed as the “bad” cannabinoid. It’s viewed by many as being purely recreational. Consumers often want to make sure they’re getting only CBD, the “good” one, and not THC, “the one that gets you stoned.” But this is because they don’t realize that CBD oil is actually less effective without THC! The two compounds work in symbiosis to produce very healing effects on the body and mind. When you take away one – THC – you are left with essentially a shadow of the benefits.

CBD Oil is More Effective When Combined With THC

The Scripps Research Center in San Diego reports that THC is a powerful therapeutic cannabinoid. THC inhibits a particular enzyme that plays a role in forming the beta amyloid plaque that leads to Alzheimer’s disease. Even the federal government has recognized that Marinol, a single molecule of THC, works as an anti-nausea compound as well as an appetite booster. Now when you combine these benefits with CBD’s benefits, the effects are more evident. Clinical studies have shown that THC and CBD compounds work in harmony with each other in a synergistic fashion. For example, in Britain, researchers reported that CBD enables THC’s anti-inflammatory properties. While some people have gone so far as to say that CBD oil helps shrink tumors, the combination of CBD and THC is even better. At the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, scientists determined that the combination of the two compounds produced a stronger anti-tumor effect than either CBD or THC alone. In addition, studies have shown that CBD in combination with THC is more potent for neuropathy than either compound working independently.

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that CBD oil is less effective without THC. As time goes on, the more aware that people become about the potent interaction between these two compounds, the better it will be for everyone. For more information about CBD and THC, please don’t hesitate to contact us or come visit Green Dragon Cannabis Company, voted #1 recreational marijuana dispensary in Colorado, with 12 locations throughout Colorado, offering top quality products at the best prices. We grow in state-of-the-art cultivation facilities and offer a different type of shopping experience from the traditional marijuana dispensary. No high-pressure sales; just great customer service with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.