Weed is weed, right? To the marijuana novice this may seem true, but if you’re a cannaseur like me, you know not all weed is created equal.

At Green Dragon, we know about cannabis and which products are best for our customers.

Our passion is cultivating artisanal, clean, quality cannabis, and our craft is curating these magical cannabis infused products. We look at conscious production techniques used by our vendors, to make sure the products we carry specifically meet the needs of our clients.

Our focus is to deliver a customized cannabis experience by carefully selecting our products to ensure we meet the needs of every demographic. Our production and marketing teams joined forces to ensure we are at the forefront of bridging the gap of the educational barrier to ease the decision-making process for our clients.

We deliver a distinct, cannabis experience with the premium-grade product lines we carry.  Visit any of our 15 Green Dragon locations across the state of Colorado to learn more about our carefully-curated selection of choices including CBD products, flower, edibles, tinctures, topicals, distillates and more. We take pride in curating and presenting a selection of products in an informative and guided setting so our customers are elevated to the level of their desire and can maximize their cannabis experience to fit their individual needs.

As we have grown to become one of Colorado’s top marijuana dispensary chains, Green Dragon still practices the same craft cultivating methods we have adopted since day one. We know how to grow dank ass weed that appeals to cannabis enthusiasts looking for a premium product.

From our variety of edible, concentrates and topical lines we got you covered no matter your cannabis needs.

Green Dragon knows cannabis and we believe these products should be available to everyone.