Eaze explains the latest business deal they made with Green Dragon on LoudCloudHealth. Read on how fast the cannabis industry is growing since Eaze’s latest business move!

“One of the most successful cannabis delivery marketplaces in the US — Eaze, announced the acquisition of retailer and cultivator Green Dragon, propelling it to the throne of California’s biggest multi-state cannabis delivery companies. 

Indeed, adding Colorado and Florida (the operating grounds of Green Dragon) to Eaze’s California and Michigan market will make the company America’s largest MSO delivery operation.

With this deal, Eaze takes hold of 42 retail and delivery locations in four of the largest and fastest-growing cannabis markets in the country, with a combined worth of $10 billion. 

This business move is not a surprise given the substantial growth this private company experienced over the past two years. Only last year, their sales increased by 38%, and their user number jumped by a staggering 105%.”

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