Green Dragon is excited to share that they have been featured in the Aspen Daily news highlighting the triumphs and disappointments in sales throughout the pandemic. 

April 20th is known as a holiday in the marijuana culture. The sales of marijuana products sky rocketed on this day in the Aspen area when previously seeing a decrease in sales. 

“However, while Green Dragon’s Aspen dispensary experienced a significant decrease in revenue during the early days of the pandemic, many of the company’s other retail marijuana shops, especially along the Front Range, saw their cannabis products fly off the shelves.

In Denver, our sales have always been great,’ Steeves said. “We were turning and turning and turning great revenue.’

According to Steeves, more people working from home also led to more people using cannabis while working from home, especially in places like Denver.”

 Budtender Joseph Domalick holds up a marijuana nug at the Basalt store

The Aspen Daily News, Anna Stonehouse

The clientele differs in Aspen than most of our other locations. We see a spike of edible use in Aspen compared to Denver. This resonates with the more mature audience that’s brought into the Aspen area. 

As 2021 begins and the spike of the pandemic seems to be in the past, we have hope that sales will return back. 

“So far in 2021, retail liquor sales in Aspen have increased whereas marijuana sales have slightly decreased. However, with a busy summer anticipated, Steeves and Lemmer were both optimistic about Aspen’s retail-marijuana market for the months ahead.”

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