Pickup the latest issue of Marijuana Ventures available online. Green Dragon is proud to be featured in the leading journal for Professional Cannabis Growers and Retailers.

This months issue includes a segment covering ‘The OG’s of Legal Cannabis’ featuring non-other than Green Dragon CEO, Alex Levine.

Few modern cannabis CEOs remember when Colorado became the first state to regulate its medical marijuana program in 2009, but Alex Levine, the co-CEO of Colorado-Florida dispensary giant Green Dragon, remembers those early days well.

“That was back when cannabis wasn’t on Wall Street’s radar and the idea of cannabis for medicinal use was still frowned upon by most of the country,” Levine re-calls. “Oh, how things have changed!”

With 15 cannabis shops and world-class cultivation facilities in Colorado, and with more on the way in Florida’s booming market, Green Dragon has learned countless lessons from more than a decade of continuous operations — and the thriving retail brand’s eyes are now firmly set on the many growth opportunities ahead.


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