With recreational marijuana being legal in Colorado and increasingly more states, it just makes sense to include your favorite substance in your family gatherings this fall. Most holiday celebrations involve drinking, so why not start smoking or eating marijuana socially at family events? If you’re new to the concept of ingesting pot with your family, here’s how to prepare for Thanksgiving with marijuana, or “Danksgiving.”

Family selfie

Bring Up Marijuana’s Benefits

You already know the reasons people like weed, but not everyone is convinced. If you have family members who are new to pot, bring it up gently rather than trying to pressure them into it. Start by asking everyone at Thanksgiving if they’ve ever had weed. Let them tell you their stories because most likely some of your relatives have tried marijuana, even if it was in the ‘70s.

Then ask if they want to smoke with you or have an edible. If they seem hesitant, remind them that studies show it’s often safer than alcohol and even has health benefits. So if they have chronic pain, anxiety or headaches, weed might be just what they need.

Choose the Right Weed for the Occasion

Of the strains of weed available, a mix of sativa and indica would be best for Thanksgiving. This is because indica relaxes people, making our Purple Nepal popular among those who want to chill out. On the other hand, sativa–such as Sour Maui–offers more energy. After all, you don’t want your family passing out on the couch. You want some time to hang out with them and chat, or play board games after dinner!

Once you choose the strain, decide how to ingest it. A glass pipe is easy for even beginners to hit, but if you have a weed vape, that works well, too. And edibles often appeal to pot newbies, so get some gummies or brownies to share. Just keep in mind these can be easy for people to eat too much of, so break 10 mg edibles in half to turn them into 5 mg doses. Remind your family to take it slow, because edibles take an hour or two to kick in.

Have Some Recipes On Hand

Many fans of weed simply incorporate it into the menu on Thanksgiving And why not? There are so many recipes for weed-infused food. Just whip up some cannabis butter and add it to your turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or pumpkin pie. You can either cook at home and bring the food—making sure everyone knows what’s in it!—or bring the cannabis butter with you so you can make the food once your family has agreed to give it a try.

Either way, you’re sure to have fun with family on Danksgiving. Do you have any other weed-infused recipes? Let us know your ideas!