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Green Dragon Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Thornton – 128th Avenue

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5823 E. 128th Avenue. Thornton, CO 80602


Open Every Day: 8:00am - 11:45pm

Green Dragon dispensaries are a widely respected and top-shelf dispensary chain excited to provide our Colorado natives and tourists with premium selections of cannabis products all through the state. We have fifteen locations and are constantly branching out to make sure your weed experience is incredible and unforgettable. We want you to have strains, not be strained. With our convenient location in Thornton, Colorado, we are always here to help. If you are in the Thornton area, here is what we are all about. 

About Our Thornton Location: FAQ

Where is the Thornton Dispensary? 

Green Dragon in Thornton is a brand new cannabis superstore right next to Boss Liquors and Bellco Credit Union off 128th Ave and Holly. Our address is 5823 E 128 Ave Thornton, CO 80602, and it is easy to access from Main Street or the highway. 

How Often Are You Open?

Aside from major holidays, Green Dragon is open every day from 8:00a-11:45p. There are never any lines either because of our streamlined virtual queue and online ordering options for quick pickup. Feel free to call us at 970-480-0685, and our budtenders will answer any questions you need regarding directions or inventory. 

What Products Do You Have?

We are your one-stop recreational dispensary to meet your needs. We offer a unique shopping experience with no pressure and plenty of friendly staff to assist when you require it. Cannabis should be a laid-back experience, so why add stress? We have the largest selection of cannabis products from flower, edibles, concentrates, and even CBD products to make your day flow like smoke. From popular brands like Wana or Summit to our own cultivated line Green Dragon, it is guaranteed freshness and high quality. All products are tested by staff to ensure you get the smoothest possible experience.

What Kind of Deals Are Available?

There are constantly deals happening with Green Dragon. We have daily deals for any of our products and first-time or returning clients. Make sure to ask a budtender about the special for the day as well. 

How Much Can I Buy?

If you are 21 with a license or 18 with a medical dispensary card, you can purchase up to an ounce of recreational marijuana or 8 grams of concentrate at a time. Medical patients may possess up to 2 ounces of flower at a time. Make sure to bring in your ID or card with you during purchase. 

Why Choose Green Dragon?

We pride ourselves on incredible cannabis products, convenience, and being knowledgeable. With fifteen locations throughout Colorado, you don’t ever have to chase the dragon. It will always be there. Stop into Green Dragon today and take advantage of our deals. See you soon. 


  • This newly built cannabis super store is conveniently located next to Boss Liquors and Bellco Credit Union on 128th and Holly.
  • Lowest prices in Colorado
  • Largest selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, CBD products, tinctures, drinks, and topicals
  • One stop recreational dispensary for all your cannabis needs
  • Unique shopping experience – no high-pressure sales, just experienced and friendly sales staff
  • No lines to wait in -there’s a virtual queue

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