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  • Sugar High
  • Blue Kudu
  • Coda
  • Incredibles

Sugar High

Sugarhigh Edibles
Decadent Milk Chocolate
Chocolate (Milk) 100mg
Chocolate Mint Crunch
(Milk) 100mg
Mocha Crunch
(Milk) 100mg
Cookie Cream Crunch
(White) 100mg
Cookie Cream Crunch CBD 1:1
(White) 100 mg

Blue Kudu

Blue Kudu Edibles
Caramel/Peanut Butter Bonbons
Chocolate (Milk/Dark) 100mg | Sativa
Crunch Bar
Chocolate (Dark) Coda 100mg | Hybrid
Jungle Roast Coffee Crunch
Chocolate (Dark) 100mg | Hybrid
Salt & Nibs
Chocolate (Strawberry) 100mg | Hybrid
Truffle Forte
Chocolate 60 mg | Hybrid


Coda Signature Edibles
Coffee and Doughnuts
Chocolate (Milk) 100mg | Hybrid
Cream and Crumble
Chocolate (White) 100mg| Hybrid
Truffle Crescendo
Chocolate 60mg | Hybrid


Incredibles Edibles
Black Cherry Bar
Chocolate (Milk) 1-1 (CBD/THC) 100mg | Hybrid
Boulder Bar
Chocolate (Milk) 100mg | Hybrid
Cookies and Cream Bar
Chocolate (white) 1-1 (CBD/THC) 100mg
Crunch Bar
Chocolate (Strawberry) 100mg | Hybrid
Mile High Mint Bar
Chocolate (Mint) 100mg | Hybrid
Peanut Butter Buddha Bar
Chocolate (Milk) Hybrid 100mg | Hybrid
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