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  • CODA Chocolate Truffles
  • CODA Chocolate Bar
  • CODA Hot Cocoa

CODA Chocolate Truffles

Each piece of these cannabis infused chocolate truffles is specifically hand crafted to excite the eye and arouse the palate. It is the best quality chocolate and comes in multiple flavors such as hazelnut, tiramisu, burnt caramel, earl grey, juniper lemon, and passion. Each box of truffles consists of six 10 mg pieces of chocolate.

CODA Chocolate Bars

Cannabis infused, flavored chocolate bars are the best quality chocolate on the market. They come in multiple flavors such as Fire & Orange (72% cacao, burnt sugar crystals, blood orange, and chili), Coffee & Doughnuts (milk chocolate, coffee, toasted milk, cinnamon sugar), Maple & Pecan (dark milk chocolate, pecans, maple, smoked sea salt), and Salt & Nibs (80% cacao, honey cacao nibs, pink Himalayan salt). Each chocolate bar is 100mg of THC.

CODA Hot Chocolate

A delicious combination of sweet and creamy cannabis infused hot chocolate on a spoon. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the warm crackle of a fire. Whether you are curling up under a cozy blanket or under a blanket of stars, simple place the cube of pure milk chocolate into the warm liquid of your choosing, stir, and watch it melt into rich hot chocolate. Each hot chocolate is 10 mg.

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