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Keef Cola

  • Keef Cola
  • Keef Sparkling Water

Keef Cola

Carbonated beverages infused with THC. Keef Colas are infused with a dose of vitamin C and B-3-6-12. They come in an assortment of flavors such as Blue Dream (a Hybrid strain with rasberry flavor), Purple Passion (an Indica strain that tastes like grape soda), High Octane (a Sativa strain compared to Mountain Dew), Bubba Kush Root Beer (an Indica Strain, voted best flavor of the 2015 High Times Magazine), Keef Cola (a cola original), Lemonade Grenade, Menert Mule, and Orange Kush (a Hybrid strain orange soda). Each cola has 10 mg of THC in a 12 oz bottle.

Keef Sparkling Water

Keef Sparkling provides a naturally flavored, zero calorie, zero sugar infused beverage experience. Keef Sparkling is designed to be the go-to social option for people looking for a low-calorie, sugar free alternative to alcoholic beverages and sugary cannabis-infused edibles. Available in Lemon and Blood Orange, each 12 oz bottle bottle containing 10mg of THC.

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