Green Dragon is happy to announce that Alex Levine, Owner and Co-CEO of Green dragon has been featured in MJ Brand Insights article, 30 Below: Twelve young innovators who are rocking the industry.

Alex Levine monitors operations of green dragon on a daily basis while employing 260 employees.

“When asked what drew him to cannabis, Alex says, ‘I have always been fascinated with cannabis, its culture, medical benefits, and history. I felt that cannabis had such an aura of mystery around it, which was exciting, but I also had an intuition that the perception of cannabis was about to undergo a massive societal shift. Being a part of the new cannabis industry was a top priority for me, and I’m proud to say my entire professional career has been solely in cannabis!’”

Alex Levine

MJ Brand Insights

Levine discusses how he has been able to succeed in an important role at such a young age. At the beginning of his career people tried to take advantage of him, but being involved in the cannabis industry the age gap didn’t seem to apparent.

“‘While many people in the cannabis industry are part of my generation (in fact, I would probably argue the majority are) not many are in ownership positions,’ Alex points out. ‘Ownership of cannabis companies generally skews to older investors who are part of a completely different generation. I believe my age gives me a unique perspective that isn’t typical of most cannabis owners and/or investors. Most trends in the cannabis industry and politics are largely driven and shaped by members of my generation.’”

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