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Alex Levine, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer at Green Dragon speaks on company achievements, mission statements, and future endeavors. Check out the full article on the Green Market Report’s website:   Learn More  ...


Top-Selling Strain Green Crack Top-Selling Concentrate Craft Sesh Wax Top-Selling Edible Wana Assorted Flavor Gummies by Wana Brands How and when did your dispensary startup? Green Dragon began with a fiery passion to offer the highest quality cannabis to the first medical market in the world. It all started in 2009 with one single location on legendary Colfax Avenue in between...


Retail Cannabis Shops

March 21, 2018

Is Bigger Better? The legal cannabis industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace as new markets open up to medical and recreational cannabis on an ever-increasing scale. As a result, customers are now finding that they have more choices when it comes to where they purchase products. Basically, customers can visit a “mom and pop” type dispensary or a cannabis chain store. Mor...


Nobody ever said that children are the only ones who get to have fun on Halloween. In fact, this might be the perfect occasion to host a grown-up Hallo-Weed party, complete with weed-themed costumes and THC-induced foods. Weed-Themed Costumes It should be obvious that your Halloween party requires attendees to wear a costume, but you can put a new spin on it by making the costu...

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