Last year the Medical Marijuana Review published an article that stated 85% to 90% of American adults choose edibles as their mode of choice to imbibe cannabis. Whether you are looking to partake for medicinal or recreational reasons, edibles are a great choice for those looking for a potent and body-focused experience.

History of cannabis edibles

Edibles originated in the 10th Century India. The locals routinely made a cannabis-infused drink called Bhang. A mixture of weed, spices, milk, and ghee, it was a local favorite. It still is. Fast-forward to 1474 Italy, and we have Cannabis nectar, which was honey infused with cannabis.

Cannabis was imported into the USA from Mexico in the 1910s. LGBT activist Alice B Toklas was the first person to use this cannabis in food. Her iconic cannabis brownies are loved even today. Now, decades after the Toklas brownies, cannabis is used to make everything from chocolates to cola and truffles to tinctures.

Six reasons why you should consume edibles today

  • In Colorado, we consider 10 milligrams of THC as one serving. Many edibles contain more than one THC serving and can get you high quicker than inhalation can.
  • Edibles which use raw cannabis leaves with low THC don’t get you too high, allowing you to enjoy tasty treats whenever you feel like it.
  • Cannabis leaves contain Vitamins K&C and nutrients like calcium, folate, and iron which can supplement your dietary nutritional requirements.
  • When cooked, cannabis releases a lot of antioxidants which are extremely useful to your body.
  • Cannabis smoke can create tar in the lungs which are 4X more potent than cigarette smoke, making edibles extremely safe to use.
  • The THC in cannabis edibles has cancer-fighting properties and can help reduce nausea and pain.

Your guide to eating cannabis-infused edibles

Shop right

When purchasing the edibles, check the THC dosage (an informative label mentions its activated cannabis content in milligrams). Choose packages which have nutritional labels from a verified source. Be strain and source-conscious.

Choose the right edible

Edibles come in two types – foods like cookies, cakes, and chocolates and products like candy, gummy bears, and tinctures. The former takes time to show effects but is stronger. The latter gives a quick high but doesn’t last as long. At Green Dragon, we have a large selection of tasty and artisanal cannabis edibles. Our staff will be glad to assist you in making a choice.

Start small

Remember that edibles have a stronger and longer reaction in the body. Start small with 2-5mgs in each edible, and slowly increase the dosage. If the cannabis concentration is 100mgs and upwards, portion it, and eat it slowly. Allow the cannabis to act in your body, before going in for another bite.

Wait for the effects to start

Most edibles take up to two hours to show the impacts since your body needs to first digest the food/beverage before ingesting the cannabis extract you’ve used in the edible. The effect of some edibles lasts as long as 12 hours.

Don’t take it on an empty stomach

This advice is especially valuable if you’re a beginner with edibles. Make sure you eat something, to ensure that you don’t get too high, too soon. Also, be conscious of what you consume after having used the edible. Comfort food works best to reduce any adverse after effects that you may experience.

Stay safe

Always consume cannabis in a comfortable place; this is safer and adds to your enjoyment.