The Green Dragon Family is excited to be featured in the latest Westword Cover Story highlighting the Marijuana Mansion in Downtown Denver.

Originally built in 1889 and referred to as the Creswell Mansion, The Marijuana Mansion was recently converted into an immersive cannabis-themed experience.  Positioned right next door to our Capitol Hill Location, you can check out the mansion and ORDER AHEAD from our store!

The Marijuana Mansion opened its doors right after the new year. Leder scheduled a grand-opening bash for March 21 — and then COVID hit. “That was the end of that,” she says. “It put everything on hold. We had grand-opening events planned; we had so many different events booked.”

…in the meantime, the Marijuana Mansion is hosting small, private tours and events. The visitors who’ve come through the place have marveled at the transformation.

If you’d like to book your own private tour of the Marijuana Mansion: CLICK HERE



To read the entire Westword Cover Story. Head over to and learn more about the Marijuana Mansion’s haunted past.